About Us

Who we are?

Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei is Germany’s oldest organic coffee roasting house – in fact, we’ve been roasting organic coffee for over 40 years. Organic green coffee wasn’t available to buy when we first started. So we took matters into our own hands and looked for organic pioneers in Central America to grow our coffee for us. We now source coffee from partner growers around the globe. If you’re interested in creating your own coffee product, we can work with you to develop a coffee that isn’t just fantastic, but also tells the story of where it comes from and the people who grow it. 
Here in the German town of Gronau, we use a hot-air roaster that allows us to roast our coffee beans evenly and with the utmost care. 
We’re also happy to take care of everything else for you – combining range development, purchasing, roasting, packaging and storage to create a profitable and coherent product. Coherent means a good-quality coffee that is produced by us in a fair and environmentally friendly way. Our manufacturing department, for example, is now carbon-neutral. And we’ve held We Care certification since 2019. We Care is the first standard to represent social and environmental responsibility across a company’s entire supply chain.